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2017-2018 FCA Officers!

Huddle Leaders

Darrin Bell

Lauren Doyle

Sloane Engle

Skyler Fleischmann

Gabby Hall

Sydney Hall

Madison Hammett

Gamble Harvill

Adam Hatt

Jack Horton

Elyssa Moore

Alyssa Morgan

Alabama Niemann

Jarrett Parr

Adrienne Rachal

Kylie Richardson

McKenna Sprout

Jax Thomas

MJ Wilson


Service Members

Cambria Capps

Liam McGee

Ryleigh Rachal

Payten Santos

Kailyn Sovine

Braylon Stemple

Mariah Venus


FCA at Stockwell


Stockwell Place is home to a chapter of FCA, a club that meets each Friday 7:30 - 7:45 AM and is open to all students on a voluntary basis. Student huddle leaders and service members lead praise & worship, as well as, small groups of students in brief sessions, and guest speakers come to share. The FCA Team (Mrs. Howell, Mrs. Huck, Mrs. Everage, Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Maddox, Mrs. Browning, Ms. Ruby Brown, & Mrs. Johnson) are the TEAMFCA sponsors.


FCA Locker
2/7/18 10:51 AM
2/7/18 10:49 AM
2/7/18 10:51 AM